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Grace Harlow - Introduction and Table of Contents

Grace Harlowe with the Yankee Shock Boys at St. Quentin


CONTENTS Page CHAPTER I-A Drive That Ended Violently
''It's spooky enough out here.'' The ambulance becomes a flying machine. "it is here nowt'' cries Grace Harlowe. Miss Briggs gets a chill. When the blow fell. "Hold fast and keep your head!" An cxpedenee with German kultur.

CHAPTER II-Boches Miss Their Prey
''Roll! Roll as fast as you can!'' Overton girls flee from the Hans. Grace and Elireda secrete themselves under a barn floor. Mischief afoot. An alarming discovery. ''What does it ~ The barn is fired over their heads.

CHAPTER Ill-The Triick That Failed
A dig for liberty. When Grace stuck fast. A disheartening discovery. ''There they comet" A race with death. The enemy lies in wait. "Captain" Grace issues her orders. Bochea shoot at the fleeing girls. Following a crooked trail.

CHAPTER IV-The Rescue of J.Elfreda
Thrilled by a scream. "Help! Oh, Help!'' "The floches have found her!'' cries Grace Harlowe. "Captain" Grace takes careful aim sad fires. Huns put to rout. Elfreda proposes to make her will. Ordered to proceed to Paris with wounded men.

Cmrrn V-Ill Luck Follows The Overton Girls
''Monsieur'' arouses curiosity. Grace sings wounded men to sleep. ''French trains never run.'' Bombed from the sky. "Oh, this is terrible!" "Steady, steady! Hold fast!'' Terror reigns in the hospital cars.

CHAPTER VI- The Wreck of the "Limited"
Cars go over an embankment. ''Buddies, are you all right!" ''Captain'' Grace essays a heroic task. First aid for afflicted men. Elfreda Briggs finds herself. Bravo deeds are performed. Grace Harlowe comforts and soothes the doubly wounded. Overton girls forage for food and get it.

CHAPTER VII-The Goal is Reached
Grace cooks breakfast in a locomotive firebox. "This isn't France, it's ~ Sick doughboys eat like 'well men. ''Captain~~ Grace dresses the wounds 0f the suffering. An appeal to the Commander-in-Chief. ''You will be court-martialed.'' The surgeon drops in.

CHAPTER VIII-Grace Attains Her Objective
The major is amazed. Pliers get the ''makings'' of warmth. "Young woman, I congratulate you." The saving of a buddy. ''I'll chop dowa the station if necessary,'' declares Grace Marlowe. Miss Brigge thinks she has had enough. ''All out for Paris.''

CHAPTER IX-In the House of Happiness
"I spy you, Grace Harlowe Gray!'' Tom meets his wife and criticizes her clothes. Yvonne and the. yellow eat go visiting. ''Let's keep her a child as long as we can." The golden-haired girl takes a lesson in cookery.

CHAPTER X-Where The Big Guns Boomed
Emma Dean voices her love-hopes. 3. Elf rcda admits her aversion to the censor. A summons to duty. Trouble follows "Captain" Grace like a plague. Jerry pays a visit to the hospital, "Mrs. Gray, your ambulance baa just blown up!"

CHAPTER XI-The Heart of a Doughboy
Mystery in an explosion. ''We have a traitor ~ Comrades two. The soldier's premonition. Tears for what was to come. An anonymous message. "A hound -who will write a letter like that will not stop at murder." The duel of the guns.

CHAPTER XII-Fritzies Find a Friend
''Don't shoot! We go!'' ''Captain" Grace makes a. capture. Souvenir-hunters meet disappointment A strange procession. Familiar scenes at the front Mercy workers have a narrow escape.

CHAPTER XIII-On The Field of Battle
Losing ambulances becomes a habit with Captain Grace. On the battle front facing the Hiadenhurg Line. Work for all "out there.'' The Overton girl carries in the wounded doughboys. A signal of distress. Stricken by a shell explosion in the enemy wire.

CHAPTER XIV-The Battle of the Tanks
''The tanks are coming I'' Afloat in a battle-wagon. Trenches are raked by machine-gun fre. Grace Harlowe experiences Dew thrills. The trail grows hotter. Companion tanks blown up. On the crest of a manmade volcano.

CHAPTER. XV-A Regiment That Lost Itself
Blown up by a mine. Doughboys to the rescue. "Get the live ones in a dugout!" "Captain" Grace regains consciousness. A woman's mission. "Let the men maim and the women heal." The regiment is cut off. A serious situation.

CHAPTER XVI- A Glorious Stand
The Blues consolidate their position. Desperate work and the end notin sight. "Captain" Grace offers her services. Asleep in the midst of battle. Grace gives first aid on the field. The Overtoa girl a witness to Hun savagery.

CHAPTER XVII-In Desperate Straits
"Here is the bravest woman in the world flarlowe volunteers for a perilous mission. The colonel gets a shock. Runners fail to return. The regiment is found to have missed its objective. A message that thrilled the hearts of hardened men.

CHAPTER XVIII-" Captain" Grace Dares to Do
What a woman's intuition discovered. All chances against Grace Harlowe. Facing the fate of a spy. A narrow escape. ~~Captain~~ Grace makes a disturbing discovery. On a bed of barbed wire. A crushing blow.

CHAPTER XIX-At Her Journey's End
The eyes of the ambulance girl behold familiar scenes. 'CCaptain'~ Grace is detained as a suspicious person. "A friendly doughboy hit me over the head.'' Grace intercedes for the surgeon. Jimmy Baldwin threatens action.

CHAPTER XX-Jimmy Starts The Machinery
Grace gives a helping hand to a buddy. "I am the fellow who banged you over the head with a rifle butt." ''Captain'' Grace wonders that the doughboy didn't use his bayonet. A mess to be unscrambled. The Overton girl stands for justice as between man and man.

CHAPTER XXI-The Trail Grows Hot
"Let's talk about something less pleasant." A duty to the dead. Elfreda prefers to fight her battles second-hand. A threat that made Grace Harlo.,e smile. Broken down at the River Selle. Grace gets a Dew assignment.

CHAPTER XXII-In A Storm Swept City
''The Hun is such an appreciative animal." Grace Marlowe's errands of mercy. The ~ of the Hun. "Captain" Grace uses a ,rheelbarro-w as an ambulance. Rescuing civilians under fire. Caught in a death trap.

CHAPTER XXIII-The Work of a Hun Bomb
A blast from the skies. Grace is buried in the wreck age of a failing house. When hope seemed vain. Doughboys dig for the Overton girl "Another black mark against those fiends!" "Captain" Grace makes an important capture.

CHAPTER XXIV-The Fate of a Spy
Fighting their last battle. Heroic work at St. Souplet. Grace learns that Ferrot paid the price. Grace Bar-lowe's ambulance work comes to an end. Honored by her country for ''unparalleled heroism.''